Physical Education


Introduction: Pupils begin Year 7 with a range of baseline assessment lessons before being placed into sets. From this point they will go through Key Stage 3 working on the following topics. During Key Stage 4 pupils may be offered the chance to select an activity from each of the topics (e.g. one activity from ‘outwitting opponents’).


Term 1 topics Term 2 topics Term 3 topics

Outwitting Opponents

(Football, Rugby League, Netball,   Badminton)


Identifying and solving problems



Exploring and communicating ideas



Outwitting Opponents

(Basketball, Badminton, Handball)



Performing  at maximal levels



Accurate replication of skills

(Dance, Gymnastics)


Exploring and communicating ideas

(ParKour, Gymnastics)

Outwitting Opponents

(Cricket, Softball, Rounders)


Performing at maximal levels



Parent and child home learning opportunities

  • Watching and evaluating live sports performances.
  • Joining a sports club (see your PE teacher for details of local sports clubs)


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