Introduction: Pupils are introduced to music and music theory concepts in year 7.  This is developed further in year 8 with the focus on more complex theory.  Year 9 pupila are introduced to a variety of Musical genres and guitar playing.  All pupils are taught keyboard techniques as well as basic drumming and guitar.

Lessons in guitar and drums are available for free to all students and take place during school hours.

All pupils are invited to take part in the singing group, guitar club and keyboard club.


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Year 7 – Musical Elements & notation

Year 8 – Variations and Major Scales

Year 9 – Reggae and Blues

Year 7 – Step and Leap

Year 8 – Chromatic scales and intervals

Year 9 –Remixes & Film Music

Year 7 – Marches and Waltzes & Instruments of the   Orchestra

Year 8 – Café G & Sandwiches

Year 9 – Hiphop & Guitars

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At Laisterdyke, we pride ourselves on knowing every student individually. Our excellent transition arrangements ensure that our young people engage fully in the life of the college from the very start of their time with us. We believe that regular meetings with our partner primaries help to promote the smooth progression of students as they continue their learning journey here at Laisterdyke.

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