Topics Taught in Year 7

Introduction: Pupils will consolidate language and structures covered in KS2 French programmes. New language and structures will be taught to cover the topics outlined and pupils given the opportunity to speak, write and understand others, talking about these topics.

Welcome to Laisterdyke - introducing self, family and friends.  Being able to talk about and write about   school and home life e.g. favourite subjects, describing family members and   teachers. 

Family and pets – physical descriptions and personality.


School   subjects – giving opinions.

School equipment.

My favourite teacher.


Where   do you live?

Countries and nationalities

Describing your home (giving opinions?)

Describing your room – using prepositions


Saying what you do in the evening and when   (Telling the time).





Topics Taught in Year 8

Introduction: Pupilss will learn the basic vocabulary and structures to speak, write and understand others talking about the topics outlined. Basic grammar on the perfect past tense will be taught and all prior learning consolidated.

"Where I live" to include

Asking about places in a town ie what there is and giving the   answer

Asking for directions (asking questions and the difference   between you (informal) and you                                                              (formal)

Saying where you are and where you're going (prepositions)

Expressing opinions about where you go and what you like doing


Ordering snacks and drinks, practising numbers and prices   Talking about what you do in the morning

Sports and games.

Musical instruments.

Giving opinions on what you like to do.

Going to a leisure centre (using on peut).

Going on holiday (using je vais aller).

Free time – what you do at the weekend

Sports & Activities with ‘nous’ (past tense)

TV programmes (past tense)

Talking about where you went – verbs with être Talking about a   past weekend

Talking about your school subjects (revising prior knowledge   from year 7) and adding opinions, connectives, intensifiers; understanding   and writing a longer text

Daily routine.

Reflexive verbs.

School subjects (the pronoun ‘nous’).

Opinions and reasons. Using intensifiers and connectives.

What do you do after school.

Timetables .




Topics Taught in Year 9

Introduction: Pupils will learn the basic vocabulary and structures to speak, write and understand others talking about the topics outlined. Basic grammar on the perfect past tense will be taught and all prior learning consolidated

"Socialising" to include:

Making invitations and reacting to them

Making excuses use of "can" and "want" e.g.   do you want to go to the cinema?  I   can't/can...etc

Talking about clothes - what you like to wear to go out in

Talking about shopping - who you go with, where you go, when you   shop, what you like to buy

Understanding a longer text including mixed tenses


Food, drink and special   occasions.

What you like/dislike/prefer eating/drinking.

Comparing different food (English/French/Pakistani).

What you normally eat/drink.

What you ate/drank in the past.

Ordering food (3 courses!) –

Preparing for a special occasion.

Countries and languages

Talking about holidays/Asking questions

Describing a holiday centre

Holidays past and future (differentiated for different sets).


End of module project.

Friends – making comparisons, using notre and nos

Pocket money (j’ai besoin de for top sets)


Present, past and future

Holiday and future

Je voudrais + infinitive

Writing a film review in French



Topics Taught in Year 10

"Relationships and   Choices"

to include                   

Relationships with family and friends - describing family   members and how you get on with them

Future plans regarding marriage, children etc

Social issues and equality

What   school/college is like.

Pressure   and problems.

Bullying   and uniform.

School   rules (esp. smoking).


Free time and the Media

Free time activities

Shopping, money, fashion and trends

Advantages and disadvantages of new technology

My house, what it’s like

My room – household objects, making comparisons

Describing your local area, saying where you live and how long   you’ve lived there, discussing social problems.

Describing your town – facilities, advantages and disadvantages

Comparing French and English towns – ma ville préféré, using the   conditional

Holidays – past and future, ideal holidays, a nightmare holiday



Topics Taught in Year 11 

Environment – to   include talking about home and local area, threats to the environment and how   to preserve the environment


Healthy living – to   include talking and writing about how to keep healthy – a balanced diet,   exercise, getting enough sleep and avoiding stress.  Also discussing social issues such as   drugs, alcohol and smoking.

Personal   relationships and World issues

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