Topics Taught in Year 7

Introduction:  In Year 7 we introduce the basics of ‘WORKING SCIENTIFICALLY ‘ and cover

many topicsfrom the three disciplines; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.



Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Introduction to Science

Atoms, elements and compounds

Chemical reactions


Cells and Organisation


The particulate nature of matter

Energy and Energy Transfers

Nutrition and Digestion

Earth and atmosphere





Topics Taught in Year 8

Introduction: In year 8 we continue to build on our ‘WORKING SCIENTIFICALLY ‘ skills and cover many more topics from the three disciplines; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Ecosystem processes

The Periodic Table

Pure and Impure substances

Motion and Pressure

Structure and function of body   systems

Acids and



Adaptation and Inheritance

Metals and Acids




Parent and child home learning opportunities:

BBC bitesize is a useful resource full of revision notes and video clips;

Pupils can also purchase a revision guide and a workbook from school, see your class teacher



Topics Taught in Year 9

The curriculum for year 9 is under construction for the next academic year as the GCSEs for Science are changing.



Topics Taught in Year 10 and 11

In year 10 and 11 pupils study either AQA GCSE Science or the Edexcel BTEC Science.

Parent and child home learning opportunities: can be used to find the specification and also past paper questions

AQA Oxford GCSE revision guides are available to purchase from school at 50% cheaper than the supplier, please ask your teacher for a copy.

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