Including EPR- Education for Personal Relationships

Introduction: Lessons are taught for 1 hour every two weeks and are complimented by work carried out in Tutor Time and assemblies throughout the year.


Topics Taught in Year 7


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

You and Your Feelings

You and the Law – children’s rights

You and Your Values – Right and wrong

EPR – You and Your body –    Growing and changing

You as a Citizen – Britain’s government (continues in Term 3)

You and the Community – being a good neighbour



Topics Taught in Year 8


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

You and Your Values – Where do you stand

You and Your Safety – At home and in the street

You and Other People – Friends and   friendships

You and Your Body – Drugs and drug taking

You and the Law – The Police

You and Your Family – Friends and   relationships

You and the Community – taking action on the local environment


Topics Taught in Year 9


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

What sort of a person am I – my values and   ambitions

Me and my choices for Year 10 and Year 11



You and Your Decisions – How to make decisions


You and Your Money – banking and ways of saving



Topics Taught in Year 10


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Challenging Offensive Behaviour –   diversity, prejudice and equal opportunities

You and Your Health – Drinking and Smoking

EPR – Changing Relationships – friends,   family and family breakdown

It’s Your Government – UK Parliament,   election, forms of government

EPR – Keeping Healthy – Contraception,   STIs, effect of drugs on family and friends

Developing Your Identity and Image – sense   of identity and who influences you

Working for Change – pressure groups and   campaigning


Topics Taught in Year 11


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Managing Your Time and Studies – study skills and   preparing for exams

Developing Your Own Values – social and moral dilemmas

Drugs and Drugtaking – Reasons young people take drugs,   drugs laws and classification and health risks

EPR – Safe Relationships – abstinence, AIDA   and HIV and pregnancy and parenting

Human Rights – protecting and enforcing,   abuses of human rights and refugees and asylum seekers.

Global Challenges – wars, weapons and   terrorism – arms trade and weapons of mass destruction, fighting terrorism   and poverty health and education


 Parent and child home learning opportunities – Please encourage your child to discuss what they have being studying in PSHCE and Tutor Time and actively encourage them to read newspapers and listen to the local and international news to develop their awareness of issues inside and outside their local community. Students will be assessed at least once each half term.

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At Laisterdyke, we pride ourselves on knowing every student individually. Our excellent transition arrangements ensure that our young people engage fully in the life of the college from the very start of their time with us. We believe that regular meetings with our partner primaries help to promote the smooth progression of students as they continue their learning journey here at Laisterdyke.

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