Term Dates

School holidays & teacher training days




Holiday Schedule 2016-2017

Monday 5th September 2016 – Tuesday 25th July 2017

Staff training day Monday 5th September 2016

Tuesday 6th September 2016 - first day at the Academy for pupils

Break for Eid

Monday 12th September 2016 – Tuesday 13th September 2016

*** Please note these dates may change ***

[Academy closed for pupils and staff]

Autumn Half Term

Monday 24th October 2016 – Friday 28th October 2016

[Academy closed for pupils and staff]


Monday 19th December 2016 – Monday 2nd January 2017

[Academy closed for pupils and staff]

Spring Half Term

Monday 20th February 2017 – Friday 24th February 2017

[Academy closed for pupils and staff]


Monday 10th April 2017 – Friday 21st April 2017

[Academy closed for pupils and staff]

May Day Monday 1st May 2017 – Academy closed

Spring Bank

Monday 29th May 2017– Friday 2nd June 2017

[Academy closed for pupils and staff]

Break for Eid

Monday 26th June 2017 – Tuesday 27th June 2017

*** Please note these dates may change ***

[Academy closed for pupils and staff]

Summer Holiday

Tuesday 25th July 2017 - Last day at the Academy for pupils and staff



SCHOOL TERM 2017 / 2018

(All dates are inclusive)


'Eid ul Adha 1438 * holiday Friday 1st September 2017 *

Staff Inset Day 1 Monday 4th September 2017

Re-open (for students) on Tuesday 5th September 2017

Mid Term Closure Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October 2017

Closure after school on Friday 15th December 2017

Christmas Holiday Monday 18th December 2017 – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Number of openings 69



Staff Inset Day 2 Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Re-open (for students) on Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Mid Term Closure Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February 2018

Closure after school on Thursday 29th March 2018

Easter Holiday Friday 30th March – Friday 13th April 2018

Number of openings 57



Re-open on Monday 16th April 2018

May Day Closure Monday 7th May 2018

Mid Term Closure Monday 28h May - Friday 1st June 2018

'Eid ul Fitr 1439 * Thursday 14th and Friday 15th June 2018*

Closure after school on Tuesday 24th July 2018

Number of openings 64



Staff Inset : two full days and six twilight sessions*
Please note – 'Eid holidays may be revised slightly according to the sighting of the moon



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At Laisterdyke, we pride ourselves on knowing every student individually. Our excellent transition arrangements ensure that our young people engage fully in the life of the college from the very start of their time with us. We believe that regular meetings with our partner primaries help to promote the smooth progression of students as they continue their learning journey here at Laisterdyke.

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